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High School at PG电子游戏


High school at PG电子游戏 is large enough to provide variety but small enough to remain personal.

The high school curriculum includes the core disciplines of Bible, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies/History.  Basic and/or introductory courses are offered in Bible, English, Math, and Science. Advanced Placement course are offered in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies/History. Options are also available for Spanish, Technology, and Health. Electives in areas such as the visual and performing arts, computer programming, woodworking, horticulture, yearbook, digital electronics, and lifetime sports round out the high school classroom offerings at PG电子游戏

We offer expanded academic offerings by making available online courses from Educere, Liberty University Online Academy, and other providers. This opportunity allows students to pursue coursework in areas such as marine science, digital technology, Latin, Chinese, music theory, and much more. Learn more at the PG电子游戏 Connects page.

Students in high school have a wide choice of extracurricular options including drama, worship team, student council, yearbook, and multiple service opportunities. Mission opportunities, both domestic and international (when possible), are made available to our high school students. Private vocal and instrumental lessons and band are also available. 

Interscholastic sports at the high school level include boys soccer and baseball, girls volleyball and lacrosse, as well as girls and boys, golf, basketball, and track and field.

Our high school graduates go on to attend a variety of colleges, both Christian and secular, and many students have received academic scholarships. Students also go on to attend trade schools, enlist in the military, pursue mission opportunities, and join the work force. Each student is encouraged to use his/her unique God-given talents and abilities to follow Him in the path He has chosen. Learn more at our Guidance website.

Academic Information


Each student may plan a personal schedule of courses for grades 9 - 12 in cooperation with his/her parents and school personnel. College-bound students are urged to take four years of science and mathematics and at least two years of foreign language to the extent that they can without missing other valuable courses. A Vo-Tech Track is also available.

A minimum of 28 credits is required for graduation. 

Click here for more details about academics.

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